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Manhattan & NJ (Bergen County) Restaurant Reviews

Ian Hunter's Guide to Manhattan and Bergen County, NJ's Best Restaurants, Bars, and Gourmet Markets

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........  Best: Golden Dynasty (Hillsdale);    
Petite Soo ChowChinese; Cliffside Park; 607 Gorge Rd; 23/13/$32; 201-313-1666; BYO; Shanghai style Chinese; Very popular in the area; Endless menu; Soup Dumplings are their signature dish, called Xiaolongbao;  Dim Sum typical menu; Always packed. Similar to Joe’s Shanghai in Manhattan. One of the best (and only) sit-down Chinese restaurants in Bergen. A sorely lacking genre. Best for weekend lunch. NY Times loves them!  
Chengdu 46Chinese; Clifton; 1105 Rt 46 @ Rock Hill Rd; 23/18/$41; 973-777-8855; Upscale Chinese that could use a facelift; Has a bar and wine list;  Solid reviews in Zagats and can Chinese food, both high end and regular take out, ever be that far apart?  Worth dining out here overall. $14.95 Sunday Lunch special perfect time to go. Gets better every year.  Peking Duck amazing. For a ‘nicer’ Chinese experience.

Empire Hunan: Chinese; Fair Lawn; 38-16 Broadway; 22/15/$28; 201-398-0988; 201 Mag runner up Best Chinese for 2013; One of the rare decent sit-down Chinese spots in Bergen; Serve Japanese food too (sushi as well) but Chinese is better; Lunch specials are all under $10 with tons of food; Salt & Pepper Shrimp; Peking Duck; Seafood Soup; Has Teaneck location @ 444 Cedar Ln. 

Lotus CaféChinese; Hackensack; 450 Hackensack Av @ Grand; 21/15/$25; 201-488-7070; One of the better Chinese restaurants in Chinese restaurant-starved (sit down places) Bergen county; Giant selection to pick from; BYO; Poor décor- in a strip mall; Tasty food with very few ‘misses’. Near Riverside Mall; Great effort made by the staff and cheap prices. Seafood Soup;  
PF ChangChinese; Hackensack; 50 Riversource Sq @ Hackensack Av; 21/21/$34; 201-646-1565; Never disappoints – for a chain; Interesting menu featuring all sorts of different dishes from each region of China; Seafood, chicken, duck, beef, dumplings- all featured; Cool décor, ideal for an inexpensive date. Always popular as it is a fun place to eat. Actually has great drink deals. Mixed service. Ideal break from shopping. I happen to love this place- just works for me. Happy Hour M-F 3-6pm.

Golden Dynasty: Chinese; Hillsdale; 295 Kinderkamack Rd; 22/18/$35; 201-358-8685; 5-time winner 201 Mag best Chinese but mixed reviews elsewhere; Great website with pics of all dishes and drinks; Full bar; 8 million items on menu; Shrimp dumplings; PuPu platter appetizer; Crispy shrimp with salt and pepper; Orange flavored beef; All the classic dishes;  This to me is a ‘real’ (albeit American) Chinese restaurant. 

Dim Sum DynastyChinese; Ridgewood; 75 Franklin Av; 20/15/$28; 201-652-0686; Cantonese BYO; Hong-Kong style Dim Sum on weekends; Push carts and all; While not Chinatown, great for area; Clean, pleasant setting; Strong service and always a quality meal. Ideal for lunch and obviously Dim Sum. Won’t blow you away but a nice sit-down option for the genre.  Starts 11am weekends.

Joyce Chinese Cuisine: Chinese; River Edge; 478 Kinderkamach; 22/16/$35; 201-261-8858; Lots of amazing dishes on this huge menu;  Includes Sauteed & Spicy aromatic Crab – hard or soft shell; Great Crispy Duck; Frogs Legs; Mini Riblets; Basically, what makes them great is their sauces are so flavorful;  BYO;  Open daily for lunch or dinner;  Lobster dishes; Almost an eclectic menu for genre.