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Manhattan & NJ (Bergen County) Restaurant Reviews

Ian Hunter's Guide to Manhattan and Bergen County, NJ's Best Restaurants, Bars, and Gourmet Markets

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Restaurant or General Sites:
1) Zagats: The most famous of all the sites. Unfortunately it is a pay site now. But, if you are going to pay for a site - I'd pay for this. Covers most major US cities for restaurant and nightlife suggestions.
2) - Best of NYC: This is the hyperlink to the Top 10's in about a hundred categories of nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. The best website (even better than mine) out there period for a snapshot of what to do.
3) Urban Spoon: Manhattan version. Massive collection of reviews and restaurant finding information. Rivals Zagats is scope and detail.
4) Urban Spoon: North Jersey direct link to the above. Best source out there for North Jersey!
5) NY Dining Guide: Another site similar to mine and Zagats that lists restaurants in Manhattan by cuisine type or neighborhood. My competition! But, a great resource and site to visit. Also has links to Nightlife, Hotel and Retail guides. Intelligent site.
6) New York Magazine: Incredible, excellent Restaurant review site. Also has reviews of Entertainment, Nightlife, Shopping, Travel and a best-of New York section. Similar to my site with more content.
7) NY Mag's Grubb Street Listings: Similar to above - focus on Manhattan - useful listings of new openings and closings.
8) I truly love this site. Contains almost every restaurant in the city. Gives user reviews. And, you can pull up a recent actual menu from the restaurant to see what things really cost and what they serve!! Some of the menus they have are dated... but in general an awesome site!
9) Little Italy Reviews of all the major restaurants in Little Italy. Fantastic navigation tool for finding everything Little Italy!
10) On-line New York Restaurant reservation service. You get points every time you book through them and can earn free meals. It is also a great way to reserve a table without the hassel of calling. Has a large selection of restaurants.
11) Time Out New York: Excellent restaurant listings and reviews.
12) Chowhound: Review blog - lots of reviews and detail. Search by any food topic!
13) Village Voice: Restaurant hyperlink to their reviews.
14) Serious Eats: Another fun blog/ article center with reviews.
15) Eater New York: NYC Restaurant review site.
16) High / Low / Food / Drink: Blog of a group of people who details their dining experiences.
17) Thrillist: Edgier format of restaurant reviews and also other NYC activities/ nightlife.
18) Restaurant Girl: Popular blog and restaurant reviews. Tons of detail.
19) Gayot- Guy-OH: Actually an excellent site for restaurants, events, best-of lists, openings and closings.
20) Midtown Lunch Options: Fantastic sight with endless reviews, articles and links to the 100s of lunch-area midtown restaurants.
Bar/ Nightlife Sites
1) A fantastic NYC Bar Review site. Focus is away from fancy lounges and clubs and more on Irish pubs, Dive bars, Brew houses and the like. Great sections on Happy Hour specials and parties. Affiliated with - the best source for info on Hoboken bars.
2) Shecky's: An incredible Bar finding website. Extremely thorough. Click on bars by neighborhood or type. Doesn't give you the details I give you but until I fully update my bar guide... I suggest going here to sarch for great bars by neighborhood! Only prob I have is it lists too many places that are really restaurants with a bar in them.
3) Drink Deal.Com: Extremely impressive website which details every sort of Drink Special - easily sortable by neighborhood, specific bar etc. Get quick listings of cheap drink deals in Manhattan.
4) Pub Crawl NY: Fun website best for discovering excellent bars near where you want to go. Good for daily specials, and finding places that serve what you are looking to drink
5) NY Happy Hours: Fantastic site for finding happy hour specials by location or name.
Miscellaneous Useful Sites
1) Best Parking.Com: Link to a way to get quotes for the Best and Cheapest Parking garages in ALL of New York. Rates vary dramatically from garage to garage... Overnight can be under $20 or over $40. Use this site for hourly specials, daily rates and it compares all nearby garages!
2) Metro North Railroad Schedules: If you live in the Bronx or Connecticut or Westchester or Rockland counties... this is a MUST website for you!
3) Best website for Discount Tickets and deals and specials to Broadway shows I have seen. Click on the show and it tells you the discounts available.
4) New York Subway Map Guides: This link is to the "4" line. Go through the Manhattan section o the 4 line and click on the line you want and the map pulls up. Not a huge, ugly map you can't read. It is a Simple to follow - excellent way to find the subway you want on line.
5) Public Routes: Similat to which we all know. This version gives you driving directions..OR... public transportation directions! Tells you exactly what bus, ferry or subway to take to get to a given address from where you are starting!
6) Yelp's NY Guide to Karaoke: User-review site. This link is to the best Karaoke Bars in NYC! Yelp is great for finding user opinions on really any topic! Use it to search for what people are saying about anything on your mind!
7) New York On Tap: Subway map of just Manhattan complete with Bars and Restaurants that are at or near the Subway stops in question! Perfect if you are meeting someone near a subway stop!
8) Central Park: This is the master website on Central Park. You can view maps. Search for a specific attraction in Central Park and in general browse the park on line and figure out what to see!
9) Greenwich Village: A site with a photo tour of the Village along with a smallish but useful list of area restaurants, bars, and shopping. Good articles too.
Tourism Sites
1) New York City What a great site... not just for tourists. Has an extensive lists of things to do by category. And, within each category - dozens of options. Categories include: Broadway, Attractions, Tours, Dining, Nightlife, Events, Sports, Salons, Museums, Shopping, Real Estate, Maps and Weather
2) NY.Com: Link to their New York Manhattan entertainment page. By category - things to do in New York City! Theatre, Dining, Shopping, Museums.....all of it!
3) Retale:  Find weekly ads in your area. Sort by retailer, city, genre.  Retale makes weekly ads and coupons from a number of retailers available online based on your zip code.  Users can find useful information on hundreds of products and stores, including addresses and store hours, as well as other helpful information for planning weekly shopping.
4) Grand Central Station: Great website detailing the 68 shops/ restaurants and the market of this historic NYC landmark.
5) Trip Advisor: Links to their useful "things to do in NYC page".  Fun to read the user reviews which can be sorted by category.